Running is the emotional struggle between two opposing , Jun Takahashi understand this. Running is joy and pain , joy and exhaustion, and give up the game between the stick . Also carried out a revolution between the body and the spirit . Nike x Undercover Gyakusou 2014 Spring Series uses contrasting colors and materials , the use of visual effects to express this " yin and yang " concept, while incorporating the most advanced performance shoes innovative technology, including Nike Sweat Map ventilation technology , and strive to build runners a set against the harsh environment of the weapon.

Takahashi and Nike clothing creative design team to maintain close cooperation , always have access to the latest technology related research body password . Under the guidance of our body temperature distribution ( a diagnostic technique in the form of a chart depicting temperature changes ) , the use of Nike Sweat Map ventilation technology engineering jacquard woven with other materials with a tiny laser holes together. This complex weave material with visual way of subtly reflects the temperature distribution of the human upper body , while the temperature distribution in the high parts of the calories after exercise and is easy to assemble parts of ventilation holes can play the role . The pattern of results in the final men's Sweat Map Jacket jackets , Dri-FIT Sweat Map 3/4 Top coat and Dri-FIT Sweat Map in and female models Dri-FIT Sweat Map S / S Top coat in . In addition tights and jacket Sweat Map ventilation system also simultaneously upgrading the performance benefits greatly enhanced.

The series of color , and text color level design fully reflects this collision between emotions and the body while running . In the men's series, urban gray tones dominated this season . Female models in the series into the neutral colors , various shades blend with each other , and occasionally be decorated with different shades of constrictor prints. Also Dri-FIT Graphic Tees also expressed conflicts ( such as love and hate ) between different emotions through words mean the opposite .Dragonkicks

These performance fabrics are also used in other styles of tops , such as men's Lightweight Jacket lightweight jackets and vests Dry-FIT Wide Tank and female models Convertible Lightweight Jacket Lightweight Dri-FIT Tank jackets and vests . The series also provides a set of functions Bottoms perfect " combat gear " for the runners who . Men can choose Dri-FIT 5-Inch Woven Short shorts or shorter , Dri-FIT Woven Raceday Short shorts with a lining , and Dri-FIT 3/4 Tights tights. Women can choose unlined Dri-FIT Woven Raceday shorts and Dri-FIT Long Tights tights.

Jun talent shine again in shoes design, both sides of the Lunar Speed ​​AXL materials with different color , will the Chinese classical culture of " yin and yang " concept embodied in the head . The shoes lightweight breathable mesh upper two-tone , embellished with embossed leather constrictor , but in the end with a soft Lunarlon cushioning system . Rubber outsole with elastic groove , enhance the grip, bring natural gait to improve running efficiency, while re-emphasized Jun perspectives : the war in the running , runners always emerge victor .