Since production first began a cushion , NIKE Air technology began on the endless pursuit. AIR SOLE emergence also makes NIKE basketball shoes became the darling of the world's sports enthusiasts , the shoes will be implanted in the bottom of the gas completely subverts the idea of ​​basketball shoes for understanding , so that people feel strange and exciting . Of course , NIKE also has not stopped the pace of progress , not only in terms of volume and cushion material to enhance the capacity of even the same development department did not stick to its formal shackles , and finally in 1995 , NIKE company launched the innovative Zoom Air technology , this technology lay one NIKE dominance in the industry.

And this feature Zoom Air is also very naturally became the essential elements of Flight series . Zoom Air perfect set of comfortable, durable and reactivity in one sense to bring players more perfect venue . Shoes more paste, more responsive , cushioning just right, you can say can bring the feeling of flying in general , can definitely be called a contemporary leader midsole cushioning technology. If we say that the aircraft appeared to meet people flying in the sky , then the Zoom Air emergence definitely can achieve your dream of flying above the stadium .

Now highlight the new technology, so naturally it will be applied to the shoes which , as the vanguard of the protagonist is our articles Zoom Flight 95. According to common sense , this new series will be the first shoes with the nature of how a little test , the main should be pursuing stability and function while highlighting new technologies . But Zoom Flight 95 appeared really to a stunning , iconic "big eyes" designed so that the entire pair of shoes full of futuristic ! Its design was inspired by the compound eyes of flies , reflected in the side of the shoe itself is famous shoe fly's eye design , hollow EVA midsole extends the unique anti-color TPU design , making the bottom looks weird with it Compare alternative . If you do not put anything in the natural question , in terms of this design was perhaps too forward , not well accepted by consumers , but that does not obliterate the shoes themselves superior performance . Use the Zoom Air technology Zoom Flight 95 that was equipped with a gigantic air cushion shoes form a very strong contrast , good dexterity fully demonstrated Flight series of spirituality, and Zoom Air is also powerful features to help players a higher level of play in the game . This shoe is the first spokesperson for the season when Kidd classmates, his excellent court awareness and superb passing ability not only injected a new blood for the whole league , and he also won the outstanding performance of this shoe a lot of cheers. Until now , Kidd is the main spokesperson of the series . In addition to those shoes , he also became the most significant signs Zoom Flight series , it can be said spokesperson Zoom Flight series are all the league's most outstanding player . Although Kidd from the students become " what is " , but did not become a mainstay of his role in the team and the Zoom Flight series of exciting.

Today, a whole series covers a variety of sports shoes army carrying Zoom Air technology at lightning Pirates of the bell of the potential of immediate concern to see the level of these children and grandchildren have to stir up trouble in the shoes of shoes market . For a time, the sound of women's hands shoot children , mouth woo sound, children milk cry , big children waking sound, the sound of her husband scold big children , sometimes together and all the wonderful equipment . Full of all the guests sit Shenjing , eyebrows , smiling, silent sigh , thinking Miaojue ...... digress . But having said that , it is precisely because the Zoom Air technology has so much action , let us have thought of that first eat crab shoes, classic and avant-garde first lead brother . But precisely because it is difficult to match the classic status , making the first year of the shoes prices have been high , and many friends also issued shoes " known today miss , why did have" feelings.
However, the draft did not forget wells people, according to reliable sources , NIKE will be back next year who will call out the drilling , re- launched version of this shoe department , while follow-up as well as Zoom Flight 95 and Flight fomaposite! This time beloved friend Zoom Air technology , but greatly blessed ! A few years ago , someone in the forum hard to find "ZOOM ancestors " finally Adventist world, then we seem to have no reason to miss the reunion this time . Ten years of yearning, classical masterpieces , are best described on this shoe , do not hesitate, this is God gave you a chance again , remember , this is a period of years .