July 17, 1994 , in Pasadena, California, the pitch , the two teams are to win the highest honor in the world of football and battling . 22 players on the pitch not only carries the same desire to win , they have 10 players were still wearing the same boots , Nike 's first football shoes - Nike Tiempo Premier.

It 's called the classic black and white color football field , players wearing it never beaten path , they are representative of the new forces on the pitch for football energize , speed, and passion , permanently changed the face of the sport. These players with tremendous confidence in the year chose to ride this pair of good boots journey , in the subsequent 20 years, this attitude to shape a series of the best players in soccer history , it is undeniable : it all by Tiempo began .

Since then , Tiempo has become a classic football insurmountable . To commemorate this shoe , Nike launched Tiempo '94 and Nike Air Jordan 5 Retro. Tiempo Tiempo '94 is a series of daily living heritage of shoes ; while Nike Air Jordan 5 Retro is a highly innovative concept of the professional soccer shoes.

Both shoes look broadly similar , whether it is sports or professional soccer shoes shoes life , they are designed painstaking efforts , and strive to reproduce that year Tiempo style.

Football, players like Ronaldo wearing Tiempo Premier invincible, ruthless . This spirit of tradition , Nike Tiempo Premier inspiration for the design to the improvement of this classic boots for everyday casual wear shoes Nike Tiempo '94. It is sewn black leather uppers , with a strong contrast with the white "swoosh" logo and eyelet trim pieces made ​​of suede , aesthetic interpretation of football ahead of its time . Oversized , detachable tongue and heel yellow "swoosh" logo , representing the relentless pursuit of detail Nike - Nike powerfully demonstrated on the attitude and the quality of today's football style .

Nike Tiempo '94 using high quality rubber cup sole outsole replaced the original spike outsole , Phylon midsole with embedded color , play of light damping effect. It also joined the exposed stretch wearer grooves , maximizing enhance comfort , and bring natural rhythm . New technology and the perfect combination of traditional craft Tiempo , for everyday wear bring the best comfort.

Since 1994 , the football game has changed. Accelerate the pace of the game , every player on the pitch must be operating at full capacity , flying over the court . Based on this, as well as collaboration with Carlos Tevez , Gerard Pique and small players such as Ronaldo , Nike Tiempo football the essence and requirements of the modern football game combining devised a date leather soccer shoes best performance .Jordan Comfort Max 11

Nike Air Jordan 5 Retro is designed to provide the lightest touch. Nike Air Jordan 5 Retro using innovative materials and enhanced conformability design makes uppers close feet. It also solves a long-standing problem of the existence of leather that will increase in weight after water absorption . Therefore , Nike Air Jordan 5 Retro uses a clipping from two layers of leather uppers made ​​of new materials , and strive to achieve the feel and experience the lightweight synthetic materials , and also used with the innovative Nike Hypervenom ( Nike " poison front" ) of the same kind of shoe last to make the design more in line with the anatomy of science, enhance your feet touch football .

Upper All Conditions Control (ACC) and K-leather technology provides the best combination of touch in any environment . In the second layer , Hypershield technology will cut off the water out , leaving long-term comfort. This ensures that the upper layer of a hydrophobic web having a quick-drying effect and compared to previous cortical shoes, greatly reducing the absorbed moisture. For this reason, no matter under what game environment , Nike Air Jordan 5 Retro can pass confident performance.
Nike Nike Air Jordan 5 Retro shoe uppers Nike Nike Air Jordan 5 Retro

Nike Air Jordan 5 Retro chassis engineering also joined the innovative elements , the rhythm of it together with the foot , bringing stability , traction and comfort. Heel and forefoot spikes were part of the widening treatment, increased stability. Forefoot and toe area also used conical spikes , designed to enhance steering speed . Shoe outsole design inspiration from NIKE FREE technology , which began to bend enough parts to enhance the flexibility and comfort , making players feel consistently throughout the game .

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