Within this shoe boots are not particularly tight, but also need to wear into some difficulty . Here also remind you that special attention be small heel pad , this place is designed for comfort in terms of the role is great, but if they need to select the size of the impact remains to be verified. Wear on their feet looking down , you might feel wearing a pair of basketball in the feet , but an excellent sense of tough leather wrapped brings makes you feel very safe and comfortable. Although heel canceled reflective material design, but still a giant stiff TPU or stick to their positions, plays a supporting role incomparable feeling than the Air Jordan 21 seems to be comfortable. Here to remind you is this: Among AJ22 quick lace system , lace slightly different materials and in the past , not only the shape of the flat type , but the overall feeling is smooth , then the direct impact is likely loose. Although I experiment under loose not so obvious , several ball down also OK, but there was still a little worried about how much the inside, not the tough guy who seriously injured automatic please skip this one .

I would say that shoes can bring you moved guess you have to call me sample loading , but stamp on the feet you wear AJ22 estimates will change their ideas. I want to use four words to describe the shock AJ22 : ( it is ) incomparable ! Although there is no pair of shoes for the entire autopsy , but you can clearly feel the forefoot Zoom Air is very wide spread , but does not seem to separate the forefoot for different stress points , but the whole piece . ( Shape can think of squid on top ) so that it will be in motion forefoot motivated, breakthroughs and landing will make people feel comfortable . Meanwhile , AJ22 's Zoom Air elasticity is also just good , unlike Zoom BB as like stepping on a pool of mud that , perhaps this is the Air Jordan series in the details of the more human side of it . It is followed by the United States to impress , impression , only Air Jordan 19 was able to close to this feeling. Very flexible heel is definitely the kind of love basketball support you need ! The so-called elastic reaction is to help users further improve the kinetic energy more efficiently in order to better play to their technical expertise . I just want to say at this point AJ22 doing pretty good, whether it is walking or game will give you the most intuitive help and comfort. This is all the cushioning feeling converging one word , that is: cool ! But I love to enjoy Zoom Air are too powerful to bring pleasure, so there is no change with the Air, do not know what it feels like to put , in the future I will supplement the text . No way, gives you the feeling that 22 directly into the climax.

Usual case , AJ22 single out to say had to be called IPS system . Began to emerge from the 20th generation of this amazing technology , I want to say is a good idea . As to the role played in practice Well ...... my personal feeling is concerned, in practice this technique does not publicize the feedback was so amazing. Shox technology from fading and we can also see physical concepts such as " pillar " in the practical application of the basketball shoe which is not too popular . When a point when the force of the foot , the other part of the system according to the theory IPS should also occur in terms of a degree of deformation , the material if there is not much of a breakthrough ( primarily toughness and the fit of the foot ) , then the inevitable result of instability caused by shoes . Of course , this is not so obvious in actual combat , perhaps underweight , the use of jumper I really can not enjoy the thrill of high-tech bar ......

When it comes to the soles of the lines , AJ22 is all I've ever seen in basketball shoes assured me the most . Edge " sharp " super- tough tread absolutely loved the trip and the first time guards ejected scalding nosebleed ! On the basis of 21 generations have sufficient rigidity external shading on the road , 22 generations were once again upgraded badge concept not only brings exceptional grip performance , durability while also reached a peak AJ series ! Several balls down slightly worn it is normal, but profound lines definitely pursue practical performance is strongly dependent of you . Both the lateral or forward , so the lines brought friction and traction was definitely strong enough objective , if only the inadequacies of the grip is too strong performance of some hysteresis may bring to accelerate , but then they do not put their breakthrough speed is accurate to the decimal point can be ignored .Air Jordan 11 Retro

No matter what shape tough era should put a pair of shoes worthy of attention . But as a great one for the Air Jordan 23 before the arrival , in the emotional sense might suffer some degree of feeling - after all, a bit hasty , concerned that those who are left . 23 exhibition in Jordan , although there are numerous on AJ 's best collections, but I quietly placed Jordan autographed 22 generations or caught my attention , reflective appearance concise and beautiful under the lights , so I for too long . Although much attention , but the disadvantage is a blessing of what I think will guide this stealth fighter to become a classic in the history .

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