ZK4 start the Lakers purple gradient color , ZK5 start the Aston Martin color ( also comes with a pair of Hyperdunk, huh ) , then how about six generations should start with a bit of a strange color considered relatively Gordon right. But misjudgment is that the Christmas special edition "Big Green Snake " is actually the number is much less than expected , and therefore missed the best time to start ...... really have to call it a big flaw , there is no way , in order to meet a set of requirements , only one pair of hands to be able to ID clothed it. Thus, there is a pair of "2011" was not note version of Nike Zoom Kobe VI (6) ID.

This shoe uppers undoubtedly become the biggest gimmick, I do not need to waste too much here tongue plus shenma chemical industry terminology to tell you the upper material. But indeed the very first glance with the impact , but I do not know the so-called "dense things phobia" Fellow students will slightly programs emotions. In fact, this design is very fit consumers, especially young Xiaopen faithful aesthetic characteristics : personality , wonderful , domineering exposed. If I remember correctly , this is a major feature distinguishes severe exposure sample before release. It is also because this place is designed not only to allow six generations and the Five looks so similar. NIKE already exists upper estimate of the " Black Mamba " concept used in the extreme , long way to go ah ...... seven generations in this concept is also driven by the more bright colors , the more we can get the Welcome , and attributes and the snake is also closer . So the black horse of God , we think about re- bar, high-profile point is not wrong !

Direct experience of integration is wearing a shoe design is very convenient, very comfortable , a little closer to three generations feeling. But those on the upper minus three generations redundant design , comfortable wearing process more refreshing . Flywire is hidden in the upper among almost become a protective structure can bring only the upper support . This way, the uppers are becoming more toughness and flexibility, wrapped in a sense this is self-evident . Of course , the next also advise you not too superstitious " fly line " technology, which is not a direct reason for us to reach the intention to buy . But having said that , when wearing these shoes , so I have some illusion of wearing running shoes , although my heart there is something not practical, but this unprecedented comfort, is still pretty awesome . More satisfying is that the shoes forefoot still relatively wide , which for some foot fat friend is concerned, is definitely a good news.

To summarize: just feeling very smoothly into the first intimate very sweet.

Jiaogan lasted six generations five generations , or even worse . You have to admit , Zoom Air is more than lunarfoam to Senior few . The flip side , if the latter is more advanced , why not start from the fourth generation of this technology to flourish it? Which in the end to the force , in fact, Yong Shounie can feel it. Zoom Air heel is very thick, very strong step up comfort , in general , G spot is usually in the heel shoes . The forefoot although smaller portions , but the feeling was very good . Made a few moves , handy. But with uppers feeling, I 've been thinking , this design will kind of head light foot heavy feeling ?

Reduce the weight of the shoe seems to have become a major trend in shoes design , NIKE, adidas, Li Ning , Peak , etc., in the design of the shoes when they are particularly willing to pull the index into the shoes as a publicity stunt . Kobe series shoes is a leader in this indicator . Reduce the weight of shoes is nothing more than this: to remove the excess part , the use of lightweight materials. Nike Zoom Kobe VI (6) on behalf of a good grasp of the spirit of the four generations , five generations of angular correction to Gonggongzhengzheng , light feeling self-evident. The midsole material including that piece outsole uses a lighter quality materials , so the overall feeling of the shoes is also a relatively unified , if these shoes is an article , then the "light " is the central idea . ( Logo are even brush on the side rather than a god horse material ! Metamorphosis ! ) Other paragraphs basically no deviation, head light foot slightly worried about the extra weight .

Evaluation of the text now appears to be a little more fit market mean. High-top sneakers is the " enhanced protection performance shoes ", in the shoes to help is " both flexibility and protection " to help low shoes is the " make shoes flexibility has been greatly improved ." So it seems, should be regarded as the most heavy shoes to meet the requirements , why not become mainstream shoes designed it? Help low shoes , in fact, is at great risk . Although Bryant once said in an interview , " to help low shoes brought me a lot of flexibility , but it is not the cause of injury ; fact, high-top sneakers will be the cause of injury is often " Maybe everyone this sentence and not very concerned , but think about it, if the default sentence OK, then discuss the shoes upper height and protective basically caught in an endless self- contradiction. In the end is high or low to help senior help secure it ?

If there is no impact on the level of security to help protect the design of high -top sneakers why should it? Of course , I do not deny Kobe to choose high-top sneakers , then perhaps in the autumn on the basis of its contents may be more vulnerable F . But for the majority of people, the protective effect of high help is unquestionable . Nike Zoom Kobe VI (6) in order to protect from Flywire, surrounded by two structures from TPU heel . Prominent part in the bottom of the side though it is slightly effect, but the effect is not obvious ...... and have a more direct effect on the ankle , or heel here. TPU heel design is almost like a helmet caught his ankle , bring " maximum possible " protective armor have to let some fresh air , so disturbing elements on any shoes are present. By comparison , I think it will help in the design of the bottom , the fourth generation should be perfect , at least to the force, or whether all aspects of the collar is set in the details, all people have a relatively stable security . But frankly, the safety performance of some six generations of how much or swing , you can not say that we can not say not good , I think the use of " law-abiding " perhaps be more appropriate . Not recommended for serious sports injuries have had friends dressed in use .

A pair of shoes to subvert our traditional concept of basketball shoes , we should also lead to self- subversion. In the ID , there are two options for real outsole Dier and transparent. Since I am more air show , so he chose to appear more transparent outsole air show . Beautiful things in the end by not stand the torture , I'm afraid we all know are a few ...... do not know if you go back and look at the AJ567 it, you will get the answer ! And staff chatting, clerk joked Five Dynasties six generations are five dollars a trip . This talk really personality, but also reflects the degree of wear and shoes side outsole . However, the estimates are not as bad as imagined like , sturdy lines in the actual performance is indeed satisfying. After all, God is great shoes , certainly have matching ones and play ah ! Interestingly, these different versions of the transparent outsole also done a lot of articles , such as adding a flash of small particles and the like, indeed, Shining love .

So far, been too lazy to organize six generations has launched a number of colors , plus the ID, really hard to imagine ( ID uppers can now choose the gradient of the ...... ) . NIKE to such a hand does not know is not for everyone has been re- introduced a new feeling ...... a higher bid is currently fried version of Black Christmas month version , which is the price you can put on the shoes on the basketball shoe market a few from this perspective, we really experience say thank you, thank it for the weak N -old basketball shoe market to inject a little energy.

In this vision of the supremacy of the era , Nike Zoom Kobe VI (6) is definitely worth attention, chat -style evaluation, and we hope to bring shoes to share our joy .

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